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How to sell tickets to your Zoom event

Learn how to set up and sell tickets for your Zoom event.

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In this article, we'll walk through the steps of creating a Zoom event and selling tickets to it through AnywhereSeat. 

When your patrons purchase a ticket to your Zoom event on AnywhereSeat, they'll be given an AnywhereSeat access code along with a calendar invitation attached to their confirmation email. 15 minutes before your event, patrons enter their access code and will be redirected to your Zoom. This way, you never have to share your Zoom ID.

How to set up your Zoom event

1. Start by going to and logging into your Zoom account (create one if you don't have a Zoom, yet)
2. Click Schedule to set up a new meeting
3. Name your meeting under "Topic"
4. Select the date and time for your meeting
5. Generate a meeting ID
6. Check the box beside "Require meeting password", and either generate a password or enter a custom password
7. Set your video and audio preferences
8. Click Advanced Options, and make adjustments if needed:

  • Waiting room — this keeps your participants in a virtual "meeting room" before they can join

  • Join before host — this allows your participants to join the meeting before you join it

  • Mute participants upon entry — by default, anyone entering the Zoom meeting will have their microphone on (if they have not muted it). We'd recommend selecting this option as participants tend to join at different times and their sound might interrupt your event

  • Record the meeting automatically on the local computer — this enables you to record your webinar. It's a good idea if you would like to share your webinar with the participants later or use it for promotion. 

9. Finally, click Schedule. In the middle of the confirmation page, you'll see the "Meeting ID". This is what you'll need to add your event to AnywhereSeat.

How to add your Zoom event to AnywhereSeat

Now that your Zoom is scheduled, it's time to add the event to AnywhereSeat. Check out this help article to learn how!

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