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What are the recommended settings for a live stream?
What are the recommended settings for a live stream?
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If you're planning on live streaming through AnywhereSeat using RTMP keys, here are the settings we recommend:

The best configuration for the encoder is:

  • Codec H.264

  • Maximum 1920x1080 resolution

  • Maximum 5000kbps bitrate (recommended 3500-4500kbps)

  • Maximum 30 fps

  • Key frame interval every 3-7 seconds

If you use encoding software on a Mac or Windows PC, we recommend keeping your encoding software on a separate machine from any other tasks you may need to do during your event, such as previewing and monitoring your stream or moderating chat. Often doing all of these on the same system can cause CPU percentage to spike, impacting the quality of your stream and cause other tasks to lag as well.

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