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What are RTMP keys and how do I get them?
What are RTMP keys and how do I get them?
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In order to stream into AnywhereSeat via streaming software and services like OBS, Ecamm Live, Wirecast,, or Crowdcast, you will need AnywhereSeat RTMP keys.

What are RTMP keys?

The easiest way to think about RTMP keys is like an address on an envelope. When you mail a letter, you provide the recipient's address so the mail is properly routed to them. RTMP keys work in the same: you insert them into your live streaming software or service so they know to route your video stream into AnywhereSeat and not somewhere else on the internet.

How do I get RTMP keys?

You first need to add your event in AnywhereSeat using the + Add Event button. Be sure to choose "Live Stream" as your event type. For "Live Streaming Service", choose AnywhereSeat.

Once your event is added in AnywhereSeat, we'll send your RTMP keys via email 5 days before your event. These RTMP keys can then be inserted into the live streaming software or service of your choosing.

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