Convenience Fee

We pass a 5% + $0.75 / ticket convenience fee onto your patron.

Example: on a $10 purchase, the patron pays $11.25. We take the $1.25, cover credit card processing fees, and you're left with the full $10.

This means there are no credit card processing fees you have to pay on top of our convenience fee.

There are no fees for $0 purchases.

Payout Fees

When you request your money via your Balances dashboard in AnywhereSeat, we charge a $2 per payout fee. For example, if you request a $250 payout, we'll send you $248. This covers the fees we're charged for sending payments via paper check and direct deposit.


Let's say you sell 50 $10 tickets. That's $500 in earned sales for you since the convenience fee is passed onto patrons. When you request payout, you'll receive $498 via paper check or direct deposit. There are no additional credit card processing fees you have to worry about paying!

Are there any costs associated with live streaming, video hosting, or other online events?

AnywhereSeat supports integration with multiple third party products such as Vimeo, Zoom, Google Meet, and any other embeddable/linkable services.

In order to prevent sharing of your Vimeo video, you will need a Vimeo Plus account that's $12 per month or $7 per month if paid annually ($84). You may also use our AnywhereSeat video hosting which is free if you'd prefer to not pay for Vimeo Plus.

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