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How to add your video to AnywhereSeat

Learn how to add your video to AnywhereSeat.

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In this help article, we'll walk through the steps of adding your pre-recorded video.

All of this information can be edited later. You can also pre-sell tickets before your video is finalized/uploaded. We recommend uploading your video 12 - 24 hours before your event opening time.

1. Click the Add Event button
2. Choose your type of event: Video
3. Enter your Event Name, Description (optional), and Cover Photo (optional)
4. Video Information:

AnywhereSeat (upload directly to AnywhereSeat)

Once you add your event, there will be an Upload Video button. Simply select the video file from your computer and it'll upload directly to AnywhereSeat.

5. Under Availability:

  • To have your video available at a specific time: check the box beside Start Date/Time -> and select the date and time. When your event is "Turned On" for sales, patrons will be able to pre-order access but won't be able to watch until your start date.

  • To turn off viewing access to patrons after a specific time: check the box beside End Date/Time -> and select the date and time. Note that if a patron is in the middle of watching your video, they can continue to do so past the time, but no new viewers will be permitted.

6. Enter the price of your access code ($0 if you'd like it to be free)

7. If you'd like to enable Real-Time Donations, Live Chat, or a Special Access Code for your event, do so here.
8. Finally, click Add Event

That's it! You're ready to share access to your video.

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